About Azius

Brian Catlin

Brian Catlin is co-owner and Vice President of Azius LLC. He started building and programming 8-bit microprocessors in 1977, switched to VAX/VMS in 1982 where he specialized in device drivers, and finally to Windows NT in 1992, specializing in device drivers and internals. Brian got into device drivers because he likes to write software that interacts with the real world; writing business software is his definition of torture. Brian also spent a great deal of time in the aerospace/defense world designing command centers, where he learned the discipline of specification writing and project management. Brian is a past Microsoft MVP for the Windows Driver Kit (they are no longer doing MVPs for the WDK) and is a moderator on Microsoft’s WDK forum. He offers consulting services through his company, Sannas Consulting.

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Jamie Hanrahan

Jamie Hanrahan is co-owner and President of Azius, LLC. He has been working with Windows internals, developing device drivers, and doing Windows performance analysis, troubleshooting, and crash dump analysis since before the OS’s first release in 1993. Originally working with David Solomon, he co-developed and presented Windows device driver and internals seminars until David’s retirement from the seminar field. He then, with Brian Catlin, co-founded Azius and has presented these materials to hundreds of client companies worldwide. He may also be found referenced in the Introductions in several editions of the Windows Internals books from Microsoft. In his consulting work he has delivered over 30 device drivers to client companies and analyzed hundreds of memory dumps. Before working on Windows, he did similar work with DEC’s VMS operating system, received an “Instructor of the Year” award from Digital, and was awarded an “Award for Technical Excellence” and “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the DEC User’s Society. You may have seen some of his contributions to tech-oriented social media such as SuperUser.com.

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