Public Seminars for 2018

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Apr 23-27
Issaquah, WA

INT235: Windows Internals and Performance Analysis Workshop

This seminar combines our Core Windows Internals seminar with in-depth coverage of performance analysis using the Windows Performance Toolkit. The WPT is a free tool from Microsoft, relatively new, and extremely useful in examining many aspects of a Windows system’s behavior. It does require in-depth knowledge of Windows internals to use effectively – so we’re presenting that and WPT together in a lab-intensive workshop format. We’re including use of the Windows TraceLogging APIs, which make tracing from user mode (and kernel mode) much easier than before. This is only the second time we’ve offered this as a public.

$2475 thru Apr 15; $2975 later
Apr 23-27
Issaquah, WA

DRV203: Windows Driver Frameworks

This seminar provides comprehensive coverage of the design, coding, packaging, and debugging of Windows device drivers using the Windows Driver Foundation (WDF). Both KMDF and UMDF 2.0 are covered. The seminar addresses both drivers for hardware devices (using USB devices as examples) and software-only drivers (pseudodrivers).

$2475 thru Apr 15; $2975 later

Daily schedule: We’ll start at 9 AM each day and end by 6 PM. (Yes, these are longer days than most! We have a great deal of material to cover.) We will try to finish by 4 PM on Friday to accommodate travel needs.

Enrollment: The “register” buttons in the table above will take you to an event registration page where you can supply your contact information and payment details.

For all seminars, we will send a “tickler” email about one month prior, to remind you to make your travel arrangements and let you know about setup requirements for your laptop. (Please add to your spam whitelist or similar, if that’s applicable.)

Payment: The event registration site accepts all major credit cards, and payment by check. If you want to use a purchase order, simply use the “check” option and e-mail us the P.O.; we will send you an invoice.

Venue and Hotel: Both seminars are being held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Issaquah, Washington. This is very close to Microsoft’s Sammamish campus and close to the main campus in Redmond.

Travel: The closest airport is of course Seattle-Tacoma (“Sea-Tac”, SEA). You are responsible for your own travel and other expenses, except as described below under “meals”.

Ground transportation: You will need a taxi, shuttle service, or rental car between the airport and the hotel. You will not need a rental car during the week unless you plan to go elsewhere in the evenings.

Meals: We will supply a continental breakfast, coffee and soft drinks mid-morning and afternoon, and lunch (your choice of a variety of entrees in the hotel restaurant). You are on your own for dinner. Besides the hotel’s restaurant there is an extensive shopping complex with numerous eateries nearby, most within easy walking distance.

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