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“Azius’ seminars are the closest you can get to Windows without source.”

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Upcoming public seminars

At the end of April 2019 (Apr 29-May 3) we’re offering Windows Driver Development with WDF as a public, virtual classroom seminar. The schedule is unusually tailored to meet the needs of learners around the world.

And in May 2019 (May 13-17), we’re offering Windows Internals and Performance Analysis Workshop in Vienna, Austria, in partnership with Enterprise Training Center.

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Blog updates

Added an “update” paragraph to the end of “The pagefault in nonpaged pool syndrome” – WinDbg now recognizes and describes this form of PTE. Thank you to the WinDbg team!

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LinkedIn group for Windows Internals

Although there are arguably too many LinkedIn groups in related areas already, we created one specifically for discussion of Windows internals matters. (Surprisingly, there wasn’t one.) Join it here.

Microsoft’s Windows Driver kit forum

Have you visited this forum lately? The top professionals in the field are there, and Azius’ Brian Catlin is a moderator. If you’re not using this resource, you should be.

Got source?

Certain Shared Source licensees can still take advantage of our two-day “Introduction to Code Center Premium” seminar, or our customizable five-day “Code Center Premium Workshop,” held on-site at your facility

Additional seminars for Shared Source licensees will be announced soon! Contact your Shared Source representative for details, or email us.