DRV264 - Windows 64-bit Driver Migration

Attendees will learn how to port Windows drivers to all supported 64-bit platforms. You will also learn debugging techniques specific to the 64-bit extended (X64) systems.

Level: Intermediate
Audience: Windows driver developers for 64-bit systems (AMD64, Intel 64, and Intel Itanium processors).

This comprehensive, fast-paced seminar covers all aspects of porting Windows drivers from x86 to 64-bit systems. The coding requirements for both Itanium and X64 are covered in detail. We also describe the differences between the x86 and X64 instruction sets, calling sequences, and operating system internals. Finally, we show how to effectively debug code in the X64 environment. Although lab examples will be based on WDM drivers, almost all of the principles presented will apply to other driver models (video, NDIS, etc).

  • 64-bit processor architectures
  • Windows internals for 64-bit systems
  • Common porting issues
  • X64 procedure calls
  • Debugging and memory dump analysis on 64-bit extended systems
  • Debugger support
Prerequisites: DRV201: Core WDM Device Drivers, or equivalent experience. Attendees should be familiar with the design, coding and debugging of device drivers for Windows on x86 platforms.
Operating systems supported: Windows 2000 through Windows 10/Windows Server 2012 R2
Durations and formats: 1 day with labs
Labs: The seminar includes a series of lab exercises that will give you real hands-on experience at finding and solving typical and not-so-typical porting problems. These include porting of example drivers to the target systems, source-level and assembler language debugging, and memory dump analysis.