WSC150 - Windows Code Center Premium Orientation

This seminar provides an introduction and orientation to Code Center Premium and to the Windows operating system source trees.

Level: Intermediate

Code Center Premium licensees for Microsoft Windows source code

This workshop is for authorized source code licensees, as determined by Microsoft. If you have any questions about whether you are an authorized licensee, please contact the Windows Source Licensing Team.

For information on obtaining source access, please visit the Microsoft Shared Source site.


This workshop is intended to give the new source licensee a head start in exploring the Windows operating system source code available via Code Center Premium.

After demonstrating the installation and use of the Code Center Premium certificates and smart card, we will present a detailed walkthrough of the architecture and operation of the Windows operating system, with frequent references to the areas of the source tree in which the components described are implemented. We’ll show how to apply this background to help find the source code for several commonly-visited areas of interest, such as Internet Explorer, security-related components, and others.

Finally, we’ll demonstrate the use of Code Center Premium access to the source trees with the Windows Debugging Tools for both user mode and kernel mode debugging; and conversely, how to use the debugger as a tool for exploring the source code.

  • Code Center Premium installation and demonstration
  • Using the source index and advanced pattern-matching language
  • Operating system components and corresponding source code tree structure
    • Kernel mode architecture and components
    • Key user mode components
    • Key kernel mode components
    • User to kernel mode calling sequence
    • Object manager and security reference monitor
    • Memory manager
    • Scheduler
    • I/O subsystem
  • Debugging with Code Center Premium
  • Source code analysis strategies

Experience with Windows at at least the "power user" level; familiarity with basic operating system concepts; reading familiarity with the C programming language.

Operating systems supported: Windows 2000 through Windows 10/Windows Server 2012 R2
Durations and formats: 2 days with labs
1 day lecture only

Due to the short duration of this seminar, it is presented with only limited “lab” periods. The attendees should have access to computers with smart card readers, Code Center Premium credentials, and internet access during the seminar.

Attendees, if they wish to participate in "live" browsing of the source code during the seminar, are required to bring their smart card readers and smart cards for Code Center Premium access. The smart cards must already be activated and must be enabled for Windows source access. Each attendee, or the source code licensing contact within their organization, must obtain authorization from their Windows source licensing representative to access Code Center Premium from the seminar location if it is different from the location specified in your source license agreement.