Windows Security

Security is everyone's foremost concern these days. We've extensively researched the security enhancements in Windows to bring you seminars on Windows security internals and configuration - plus, one on effectively using the current cryptopgraphy APIs.

ID Title Level, etc Summary
SEC230 Windows Cryptography Next Generation (CNG) for Developers Intermediate
3 or 4 days with labs
2 days lecture only

This seminar covers the “next-generation” cryptography (CNG) support in Windows Vista through Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. 

SEC240 Windows Security Internals Intermediate
4 days with labs
3 days lecture only

Security is one of the most important responsibilities of a multi-user operating system. Windows provides an enormous number of security features, many of them added quite recently, many of them still unknown to users and system administrators. This seminar presents the security features of Windows in "internals" terms, covering not only administrator-level controls and visibility, but also describing their internal implementation, their visibility, and tradeoffs of their use.

SEC250 Hardening Windows Systems Intermediate
3 days with labs

This seminar teaches how to "lock down" a Windows server and its clients to ensure reliable and secure operation, consistent with the enterprise’s unique security policies.