Seminars for Microsoft Shared Source Licensees

For 15 years we have been Microsoft's exclusive provider of source code training for the Government Security Program (GSP). And if you have source code access (regardless of which shared source program you're in), we can provide that training to you as well.These seminars are of course only available to those who have signed the appropriate source code licenses with Microsoft. For details, please see the Windows Shared Source Licensing Programs page at Your Shared Source representative can assist you with arranging these seminars.

ID Title Level, etc Summary
WSC150 Windows Code Center Premium Orientation Intermediate
2 days with labs
1 day lecture only Windows Source Licensees

This seminar provides an introduction and orientation to Code Center Premium and to the Windows operating system source trees.

WSC250 Windows Internals Workshop for Code Center Premium Intermediate
5 days with labs
Windows Source Licensees

This seminar provides a comprehensive guided tour through, and analysis of, the internal design, implementation, and operation of the major components of the Windows operating system, with a corresponding tour of the Windows source code.