Windows Internals & Performance

Windows is a complex operating system. To most effectively use it, develop for it, or support it, every Windows professional can benefit from knowledge of 1) how the system works inside, and 2) how to use the available tools to see how it's working and to troubleshoot it. Our focus in our Windows Internals seminars is not just on what the components of Windows are and what they do, but on how you can use that information to be a better developer, system administrator, driver developer, or even platform builder. Various Windows built-in tools, the SysInternals tools, the Windows Performance Toolkit, and the kernel debugger are used to help understand and analyze the system. In short, our Windows Internals seminars are the closest you can get to the operating system without source. (If you do have source access, we can present any of these in a "with source" form.) Why so many different "Windows Internals" seminars? Click here.

ID Title Level, etc Summary
INT150 Windows Internals Essentials Basic
2 days lecture only
A two-day "short course" covering the most important aspects of how Windows works.
INT201 Core Windows Internals Intermediate
3 days with labs

Presents the most important aspects of the internal design and implementation of the Windows operating system in a three-day lecture+demo/hands-on format. 

INT235 Windows Internals and Performance Analysis Workshop Intermediate
5 days with labs

This seminar combines our Core Windows Internals seminar with in-depth coverage of the Windows Performance Toolkit, all presented with extensive hands-on labs.

INT250 Windows Internals Workshop Intermediate
5 days with labs

Our "flagship" Windows Internals seminar, covering more topics in more detail and with more hands-on time.

INT410 Windows Memory Management Internals Advanced
4 days with labs
This seminar provides a intensive, detailed study of the memory manager of current Windows operating systems.