Windows Troubleshooting and Debugging

In these seminars you will learn to apply the principles of operating system internals to general system troubleshooting, performance optimization, memory dump (blue screen) analysis, and live debugging.

ID Title Level, etc Summary
CMB221 Windows Internals, Troubleshooting, and Memory Dump Analysis Intermediate
5 days with labs
4 days lecture only

Learn how current Windows operating systems are designed and implemented, and immediately apply that knowledge to isolate the causes of system and application failures and performance problems. 

DBG150 DBG150 (placeholder) Basic
1 day lecture only


DBG211 Windows Debugging and Performance Analysis Intermediate
3 days with labs
2 days lecture only

This seminar teaches you how to use the Windows debugging tools, Performance utility, Performance Toolkit, event logs, and other tools. These will be used to diagnose performance problems and resource issues, to isolate the causes of operating system failures and system hangs, and to debug application failures. 

DBG211-1 Windows Debugging and Troubleshooting Essentials Intermediate
1 day lecture only

This seminar provides a fast but comprehensive introduction to the use of the Windows Debugging Tools, Windows Performance Toolkit, and other tools for "live" kernel mode debugging, memory dump analysis. and performance analysis. 

DBG274 Windows Driver Debugging and Crash Dump Analysis for Itanium Systems Advanced
1 day with labs

This seminar provides a fast introduction to kernel mode debugging and memory dump analysis on Itanium platforms.

DBG311 Windows Itanium Architecture and Debugging Advanced
4 days with labs
2 days lecture only

An extensive, in-depth tutorial on the use of the Microsoft Windows Debugging Tools on Itanium platforms.

DBG320 Mastering Windows Debugging Advanced
5 days with labs

 NEW!  Go beyond the basics of debugging with this intensive seminar.